Friday, December 5, 2008

The World of Coke

These were taken in Atlanta, Ga. at The World of Coke. We had such a good time. It was Garrett's first Christmas. It was so cold there! Cole was so protective of his little brother. He watched over him so closely. We went to the underground mall and to The World of Coke. We also took them to The Rocket Diner and Hard Rock Cafe. I have photos of that somewhere too. In a box, somewhere. I still have so much to unpack.


The Muse said...

LOL Oh what a winter wonderland of Coca Cola Fun...
LOL Great pics!

Deanna said...

Hi Lee Laurie! Sorry I haven't been by but I did manage to catch up with CWASR.

How have you been? Are you and your family all set for Christmas day? If you would like to send me pictures of your tree I'd be really happy to post it on my own Christmas blog. I have about ten pictures already just of trees and assorted others of the decorations fellow bloggers have in their homes.

Come by and visit me soon! Miss ya!

Deanna :P