Friday, January 23, 2009

Little empty 'cottage' shop...

Look what we ran across last year. A little empty store called 'The Cottage' . It's in a little town about 45 miles from my cottage where I live. Oh how I wish the economy was better and I had the money to open my own shop. We rode by there recently and it is still empty and it has been almost a year.

Here I was standing in front of one of my favorite flower bushes. I just love Wisteria! They are so beautiful! I was a little bit scared and you can probably tell in the picture. There were bees flying all around me and I DO NOT like being around insects! I don't dislike them because I know they have a job to do and they are important. I just don't like getting too close to them.

Have a great Friday! Today is my day off and I'm gonna spend it with my son Cole. I might even get him to go to a couple of thrift shops with me. If I find anything good, I will post pictures. I have to go and check on my booth at the Vendor's mall and add a few things to it. I still have it but was able to move it closer to the front when a new space became available.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet little Christmas find

I've decided to still post on my Christmas blog from time to time. I will post Christmas finds that I get at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. I'm going to try and organize my storage shed this year and weed out a few tings that I haven't used in a while and either put them in my vendor's booth or donate them. Any Christmas projects that I work on for this Christmas, I will post also. Maybe that will help me to remember to unpack and use them this coming holiday season. I also plan to start decorating a little earlier this year. Time snuck up on me this past year and I didn't get to use all of the decorations that I had planned to use. I found this pretty little Christmas tree musical thingy the other day at the thrift shop for $2.00. It plays a Christmas song and it lights up different colors. It also has a little clock at the bottom. I thought it was a neat find.

See Y'all again soon.