Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas 1991

(Christmas-1991) Me and Cole. He was 4 months old and I was 26 yeas old. Christy and Cole. She was 8 years old. It was Christmas Eve and it was just us living in our little apartment. We had a real tree and Christy and I decorated it together. I made most of the ornaments. They were ready for bed and in their p.j.'s and nightgown. They were all excited about Santa! The next morning they were so excited to get all of their gifts. Cole didn't really know what was going on but he loved it. I didn't have a lot of extra money to buy gifts but I did what I could. I bought them a few dollar store toys and they were so happy!


The Muse said...

oh, yes the memories of the days gone sons, now grown..and I too share those days of innocence...when a dollar could bring a smile as big as the sun!

With love...every gift is a treasure :)