Sunday, December 14, 2008

Making memories...

This my tree this year. I'm not finished with it yet. We haven't even started the white tree in the den yet. I love how the colors and the roses match my china.

Getting the tree ready. Christmas is almost here. I have never been this late on my decorating before. Oh long as it gets ready before Santa comes!

I decided to decorate one night before I went to bed. I couldn't sleep so I thought I would try and get a little decorating done.

That same day ( you can see that I only have one rose on the tree.) before Garrett went to school. He is my handsome little man. He doesn't want to help me do this tree. He says that it's too girly. He will help me decorate the white tree in the den, soon.


Deanna said...

I just love that tree! Garrett is a cutie pie. I can see where a boy his age doesn't want to be seen walking around with a flower or a beaded garland :P

Many hugs,