Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sassy in the snow

These pictures were taken the other day when it snowed. I never know what order my pictures will load. I wanted the one with my little deck before Sassy made footprints on it, to be first. I had to put her out for her morning pee-pee and she did not want to go! She said that she would like to pass on the pee -pee break! She would much rather be inside with her mama decorating the little pink Christmas tree in the dining room where it is warm and cozy!

My little pink Christmas tree in the dining room. I was just starting to decorate it. I still have to finish it...if I can locate the box that the ornaments are in. I only have a few teapots and teacups and a few glass balls on it right now. I will take more pictures when I finish it.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Sassy is beautiful!! I remember when we had a dog; he would beg to go out until he stepped out and saw that it was snowing and cold on his tootsies!! ;)
Pretty pink tree too!!

Deanna said...

Hi Lee Laurie! What a cutie Sassy is. My husband and I have been wanting a pet so much lately. When we get our house next August we will definately have a dog or two.
For now, we love on my sister's Yorkie Miss Bootsie Barker. We just adore her.

By the way, when you are posting and wanting to add pictures, the picture you want to show first from the top of the post gets uploaded last. I hope this helps you for next time.

Deanna :)