Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Memories of a past-pink Christmas

Christmas is almost here. I decided to post a few old pictures of my dining room tree decorated in pink. I wanted to put new pictures of my tree this year, however I have misplaced my cord that hooks my camera up to my computer. I haven't been able to download any new pictures for a while. I hope that I find it soon!

I think this tree was so pretty. I just love pink!! I decorated my tree in red, ivory, and gold this year. I used silk roses in red and ivory. It looks elegant to me. I just HAD to use roses this year because after all I am a southern rose.
I hope everyone is having fun decorating and getting ready for the celebration of our Savior's birth!


The Muse said...

hello "LUCY" LOL...
How's Ethel ? (wink) LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog..what a treat to hear from you!

I see your pictures all decked out in pink...are you doing that again this year? It looks so soft and gentle!

Hope you find your cord so we can see new ones too...:)

Merry Christmas!