Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christmas Pageant

I was going through some old photos and ran across these that were taken years ago. Christy was 13 I think and Cole was around 5 years old. Christy was in a pageant that night at her school. It was a Christmas pageant. She didn't want to enter it after I told her that I didn't have the extra money to buy a new pageant dress. I had gotten her this one at a thrift shop. I told her to wear it and the judges would love it. She placed third. She couldn't believe it. I wonder if she still has this dress somewhere!?

Cole was in the Christmas pageant also. He won 1st place. He has his trophy in his hand. He was so funny up there on that stage. He took his jacket off and started posing and showing off his muscles!! I couldn't believe that he did that! The more the crowd laughed and clapped the more 'into' it he got! The principle said that she wanted to put it on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'!
I love finding these old pictures. They bring back so many memories.


blushing rose said...

Lee Laurie, the pics are adorable. Wonderful that she came in 3rd place. Such sweet memories.

I, too, love the old pics & spend hours going thru them in memory ...

Hope all is going well for you all.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Stevie said...

Some things never change....Cole posing and having to be the center of attention...haha. They both look so sweet....their momma looks pretty good herself!!
I hope you get to feeling better today.
Love and hugs,

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Another nice blog!

I forgot to answer your question - I bought the placemats in St. Augustine, FL a few years ago.