Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The good old days...

These are some Christmas trees from years ago when I was a buyer for a gift shop that I managed called The Mole Hole. I worked there for 8 years and I loved it! The lady that owned it is a very good friend of mine. We had some really fun times at that store. These pictures were taken at the Atlanta Gift Market. I loved going to market! There was so much to see. We would stay anywhere from 5 to 8 days. I miss that store so much. We would buy Christmas decorations to sell at the store. We always tried to order things that other stores didn't have. We had a lot of unusual items for sale. My boss decided to retire in 2003. I went to work for McRae's, which is now Belk. I like it too, however The Mole Hole was very unique and we had more specialty items.


Deanna said...

Hi Lee Laurie! I do love your name. Can you believe that I have sisters named Cynthia Lee and Laurie Ann? It was so cute for me to see your name made up of my own sister's names!

That shop you used to work for sounds so much like a shop we used to have in Lubbock called Tis' Christmas. We had that store for so many years and it either went out of business or shut down forever. I really miss it.

You can send me your address at my email which is:
Title the email- Christmas Card Send Out.
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If you would like my address let me know on the email and I'll email back.

Deanna :)

P.S. have you noticed the word verification lately. Some of the words are so funny and cute. No more xEnxyyf I Today I have to spell POODLE....cute huh?